Saturday 11 October, 2003

The first ever Sky Orchestra performance took place in Luke Jerram's home city of Bristol in collaboration with Pheonix Balloons. The Sky Orchestra was developed by Luke Jerram at this time with the support of 3 year NESTA fellowship he was awarded in 2001.

Audience Feedback

“Whoever you are, you may have seen me on Saturday morning leaning out my window trying to take a picture of your balloon. It may not have occurred to you that not everyone is asleep at 8am on a Saturday. In fact, I had just got home from work and was attempting to read a book in order to get to sleep. Initially, I just thought that I had reached my ‘sleep’ stage, but then thought - I don’t live in a rain-forest! - and rushed for my camera. Alas, too late to capture a good image of your balloon. As for the music - yes it is a good idea in principle. But as art I would question it. If the wind favours you then I welcome you again!!” Mark

“I live at Liberty Gardens and wanted to feedback on the hot air balloon orchestra that flew over us a few Saturdays ago. It was wonderful! At first, we couldn’t work out where the music was coming from and then saw the balloons...The music and the balloons were a perfect start to the weekend - even with a hangover! Thank you!” Fiona

“I had a really fucked up dream that night. I will be suing. X” Ealine

“I hear you are responsible for the experience that my friend and I had one day. We were walking in the cemetery which has a peaceful atmosphere of its own which was hightened by the gradual introdution of classical music. We were mesmerized by the way it enhanced the tranquillity we were already experiencing. Thank you for this.” Janice and Chris