Thursday 13 May, 2004

Five Balloons flew over Birmingham for a Sky Orchestra commissioned by Fierce Festival.

“When we flew over people's houses in Birmingham, we'd see families squeezing out of the windows dressed in their pyjamas," said Luke Jerram to the Sydney Morning Herald. "One man rushed out of his house in his dressing gown, still covered in water from the shower."

The piece launched the three-week Fierce performance festival and used volunteer balloonists who were thrilled by the permission to fly into Birmingham airport's air space. Farmer and balloonist Rick Vale said: "Normally we could only do this on Christmas Day."

Audience Feedback
“There once was a city called ‘Brum’, where folks slept to the sound of a drum, and a flute and a harp playing notes not too sharp, so their dreams would be joyful not glum.” Timothy

“My mom thought that we were being invaded, but it was rather a nice sight, apart from my car being covered in ash type stuff!” Ad

“I think it’s a brilliant idea, but unfortunately didn’t have any weird dreams that I can remember anyway. It’s soup-er.” Jaiu

“The ghostly sound of mystic music, One beautiful peaceful morning, Little green men from spaceship landing? The danger on all, was just dawning. Five balloons flying high in the sky, What on THIS earth were they doing? For this is the City of BIRM-ING-HAM, with ‘Brummies’ there’s no messing or fooling. I have heard it said many times before, that the bird’s morning chorus, is quite sweet, but if I’d had a gun at six of the clock, those balloons would have been easy meat.” Anne

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